BizSmart Challenge

Age 12-15

A 5 Day (2 Hr/Day) Virtual Experience where you will team up and take on Business Innovation challenges from exciting companies!

Beginner - Moderate
Age 13-16

When and Where

No Dates Available

There are no dates available for Accelerator in 2023.

Completed Challenges

completed Challenge

Help Treecard create a debit card & app that empowers teenagers to fight climate change and gain financial literacy.

completed challenge
BBLS Greenhouse

Utilizing BBBLS technology, design an innovative greenhouse that will survive extreme climates of hot and cold temperatures.

completed challenge
Central Silkscreen

Identify trends and take Central Coast Silkscreen to the next level by designing a unique Maker Space for the community.

completed challenge

Help FloSports invent a new live streaming camera system that gives anyone the ability to stream live sporting events.

completed challenge

Our refrigerators are smart, why aren’t our closets? Invent a smart closet for Poshmark that brings the fashion refresh experience into your home.


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Green Gardens

Case - BBBLS


Case - G.A.C.

Creation Station

Case -Central Coast


Case - Poshmark

Print Lab

Case - Central Coast


Case - Treecard

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