December 6, 2022

BizSmart Challenge July 2021 First Place Team Meets with TreeCard Exec

Congratulations to team Rebirth the Earth who consisted of, Aman Bilodi, as CEO/CFO, Heidi Lu, as CMO and Sana Purdhani, as CDO. The TreeCard business case was brought by Michaela Kastelman, past Camp BizSmart Alum and US Growth Lead, at TreeCard an early-stage FIN Tech company.

As a reward for winning the competition, the team met with Ms. Kastelman, for an in-depth discussion of their solution to the TreeCard business case.  During this session Ms. Kastelman had many questions for the team and also provided feedback that allowed the team valuable insight on how well they had addressed the opportunity and the challenge of creating a debit card for young people ages 13-17 that would compete and stand out from the other companies currently in the market. Prior to her role at TreeCard, Michaela has worked at Intercom, Funding Circle US and Autodesk.  She is highly skilled in data analysis, project management and marketing, and holds a BA in Economics, Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences from Northwestern University. While at CampBizSmart she distinguished herself by being the CEO of the winning team and being recognized for her zest, optimism and grit – ZOG. The team members shared that this special session with Ms. Kastelman was very valuable, as they not only were given feedback on their product innovation, they also were able to ask her education and career advice as well.

The BizSmart Challenge, which was held, July 22-29, 2021, is a 6-day virtual workshop that presents a current issue business case to the young aspiring entrepreneurs who working in teams create a product design and business pitch solution then present and defend it in competition to experienced executive judges. For this competition, judges were, Sandra Herchen, CampBizSmart alum, who has worked at Amazon and now is at Snowflake, and Camp BizSmart alum, Amin Mirzadegan, who has worked at financial firms and now is at Founders Fund. Sandra and Amin brought valuable insight to their judges role by drawing upon their own Camp BizSmart, education, and career experience.

TreeCard offers a wooden debit card that reforests the planet with every purchase. The current target market is to individuals 18yrs and older. For this case, teams were challenged to adapt and target their card to teenagers 13-17 and develop a new interesting and innovative app interface as well as a new design for the physical card.

Camp BizSmart founded in 2008, has over 10,000 alumni worldwide. We celebrate the  Camp BizSmart alumni, as well as those who are now executives working in top companies and startups around the world.  For more information about Camp BizSmart visit

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