December 6, 2022

BizSmart Entrepreneur Challenge: The Silicon Valley Way Innovation and Design Challenge: Zurich, Switzerland

Camp BizSmart returns to Zurich, Switzerland Oct. 4-8, 2021 to present an unique entrepreneur experience for young idea makers and world shakers. In partnership with Nina Reinhart, the managing director for Camp BizSmart Europe, BizSmart Global will present: Camp BizSmart Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Workshop at Kantonsschule Hottingen and Zurich International School.

The Camp BizSmart workshop has been presented to Kantonsschule Hottingen high school students for more than 7 years.  The workshop has been so popular that this year, in addition to the workshop held at Hottingen School, a simultaneous workshop will also be offered to high school students at Zurich International School.

Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO and Founder of Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global, is pleased to announce that the workshops will be led by two experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and BizSmart Global International Workshop Directors, Kal Sandhu a venture investor, national football champion, company founder and community leader, and Elian Savodivker a tech CEO, film actor and Director of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Accelerator.

Known for presenting hands-on, cutting edge real world business cases, sponsored by cool CEO’s from hot companies, student teams are challenged to find an innovative product design solution, backed up with a business pitch they present in competition. Successful entrepreneur, Menko Deroos, will present a business marketing challenge. There are two company business cases, young aspiring entrepreneurs will select from for this workshop:

Treecard is a fintech debut card with a social impact.  TreeCard is creating the free top-up debit card that reforests the planet. 80% of profits go to reforestation. Michaela Kastelman, the sponsor of this case and is a past Camp BizSmart Alum and US Growth Lead, at TreeCard an early-stage FIN Tech company.

The other case, Torque3, showcases a platform that is a robotic assist simulator where the individual works their entire body, all of their senses and cognitive abilities during the treatment workout.  There are two options to select from with the Torque3 case: to create the next gen platform for athletes to gain top physical fitness, as well as recover from injury, or to come up with the next gen platform that would speed the recovery of COVID patients. David Ellzey is the Torque 3 CEO.  We are grateful for his support of Camp BizSmart which inspires so many young people to work hard, dream big and create innovative solutions.

Graduates from the October 4-8, 2021 BizSmart workshops will join a community of more than 10,000 graduates from around the world with early graduates having positions in top companies and start-ups.  Camp BizSmart founded in 2007, is known for providing engaging workshops that develop essential skills in young people including ways to cultivate zest, optimism and grit, which are known attributes of successful individuals.  Entrepreneur experiences are offered both in person and virtually in the US and many countries around the world

Peggy Gibbs
CFO & Co-Founder
Mike Gibbs
CEO & Co-Founder
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