BizSmart Experiences

Team Entrepreneurship Experiences for  aspirational young people age 12-21.

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We've worked with many inspiring executives who have all added to the BizSmart experience. Watch the video to hear why they chose BizSmart!

"A One-of-a-Kind Experience"
David Wells
Netflix CFO
invent solutions

Innovation Cases

Each year, we partner with award winning companies & inspiring founders who sponsor Innovation Cases to give BizSmart participants an opportunity to help invent their next generation product line.


Help Token Invent A Secure Access Ring For the Metaverse

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Kevin Surace
Case Sponsor
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Camp BizSmart

Teams negotiate to reach a decision.

Camp BizSmart

Players have just been assigned their team roles.

Camp BizSmart

The winning team is awarded for their invention!

Invented at BizSmart

Seedcard is an app that helps young people save money and the environment.

Invented at BizSmart

Tablex helps restaurants stay safe and open during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Prototyping Skills

Quick Prototyping is a crucial tool for any entrepreneur